Vomit Trail as Communication

My cat is named Rascal. I gave him that name as a kitten because he was exactly that, a rascal. Occasionally he still lives up to the name. Today he certainly did. The good news is there was no chicken bone blocking his system. The bad news is it took hours of vomiting and a middle of the night trip to the emergency vet to determine he was okay.

I realize writing about my cat and his vomiting seems odd. I decided to because I think the incident offers a rare opportunity to track patterns of movement and use for one who can’t speak.

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Annual Museum Station Fair

Apparently the Museum Station Fair―where rerouted subway trains transform a quiet station into a carnival filled with old fashioned signs, bewildered riders and life-size sculptures―is an annual event. Visit this weekend, May 14 and 15.

If you miss the fun this year, look for the Fair’s return in May 2012.

Link to post from Museum Station Fair 2010

Elevator of My Dreams

I  am a dreamer, or maybe better put, I remember my dreams. I often wonder how my sleeping brain can create such fantastical, unfamiliar places. One particular element appears in my dreams rather frequently―an elevator the size of a large room. To my astonishment, I saw just such an elevator today.

Leslie and I were among the last to leave the studio after a taping of the George Stroumboulopoulos show. Sometimes it pays

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Performance Art at the Interior Design Show?

The Interior Design Show is primarily about materials and finishes. Nowhere was this more apparent than the Audi display. A shiny white floor defined the extent of the large area. I think there was a cafe; I know there was a car and a lot of people wandering through. Unfortunately, the crowd and the white floor were at odds.

Two men dressed in black circled the space, each carrying a mop. Their job was to clean the black marks left behind on the white floor by people’s shoes. This tells me that someone chose a surface that looked great as a sample, but looked horrible once it was put to use. Maybe using this material was the car company’s commentary on a lack of consideration for functionality in interior design?

Reprieve from Grocery Store Obstacle Course

It is Saturday afternoon, about two o’clock. As I am turning north onto Christie Street, it begins to pour rain. A few blocks up, I pull into the Fiesta Farms parking lot, managing to snag a spot at the front. My father’s old adage, “People leave at the front too” proves true on a good day. I grab my umbrella and grocery bin, and run for the door.

A spot at the front is appreciated at Fiesta Farms regardless of the weather, because getting your groceries to the car takes a little extra work. There are two options. You can

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Did Your Grandmother Hang at the Windsor Arms?

I am at the Windsor Arms Hotel for a YWBC volunteer appreciation tea. The first time I visit a building, I always make a point of checking out the washrooms. A room, so tied to function, can reveal a lot about a place. The washrooms here are what I expected, full wood panel doors on each stall and luxurious finishes. The interesting part came as I left.

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Museum Station Fair

It is early Sunday evening on the May long-weekend, and the usually quiet Museum Station is teeming with people. The Bloor Subway trains have been rerouted here because of track repairs at nearby Bay Station. The southbound track is business as usual, but trains on the northbound track can go any of three directions. None of this is readily apparent as you walk down the stairs to track level.

To communicate what is happening, the TTC have abandoned their recent advances in

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Crevice Claims Another Victim

The crevice in my kitchen claimed a victim today. Waiting for my scrambled eggs to cook, I picked up the plastic egg carton to return it to the fridge. For some reason, I had used all of the eggs in the middle of the carton, leaving only a few at either end. As I lifted it, the carton twisted, opened, and an egg fell out, tumbling directly into the space between my stove and counter.

This space is made necessary by the position of the gas pipe. This is not the first item to fall down the crevice. It is definitely the messiest. The egg slid halfway down towards the floor,

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Everyone Wants a Strapless Gown?

Leslie and I got to Richies’ warehouse sale by about 5:15pm just as it was starting to get busy. Karen is coming to town this weekend to shop for a wedding dress and we were there to scout out the possibilities. Leslie was right; walking through the ballroom felt like being in a movie. All it took to convert the non-descript suburban hotel into a place of wonder were a few hundred brides-to-be, each in a white strapless gown. Women of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities wandered the ballroom wearing their favourite dress while searching the racks for another more perfect dress.

The sense of being in a movie was clinched by the exasperated look on the face of the guy at

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